Why Solar?

Yes! Solar... The Perfect Solution!

Go Solar with CMR Solar Energy Integrators

We make it easy! Solar will increase your property value - Solar will increase a home's value in two ways — by reducing annual operating costs and adding a capital asset to your property. According to the leading mortgage providers in America, saving electricity adds significant value to your home, about $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. As an example, if you spent $24,000 on a solar system today, a system this size might save you $1,200 in energy expenses in year one, immediately adding over $26,000 to the resale value of the home.

State Incentives

California state cash rebate is the most ambitious solar incentive program in the nation—the California Solar Initiative offers homeowners installing solar an upfront cash rebate equal to an important percentage of the total installed solar system cost. Please check the California Solar Initiative Rebates' website for more information.

Federal Tax Credit Incentives

In addition to the state rebate, a Federal tax credit of 30% is offered to any homeowner who installs a solar system. This tax credit applies to your tax liability— not merely a tax deduction—for the year the system was installed.

Reasons to go with CMR Solar Energy Integrators

We offer comprehensive turnkey services. From professional on-site assessment, to custom installation, rebates, and ongoing system monitoring, we will handle every last detail so that you don’t have to. If you are ready to go solar, we are ready to help.


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